2014 Annual Conference of Chinese Language Teachers Association of Texas


Date/时间: September 27th, Saturday, 2014

Location/地点: Willis Library: Forum Room, University of North Texas, Denton, Texas

Willis Library/会场地址 : 1506 W. Highland St., Denton, TX 76201. The Forum Room is located on the 1st floor of Willis Library. Forum在Willis图书馆一楼。

Theme/年会议题: Practical and Effective Use of Technology in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language/中文教学里的科技应用

Online Registration/在线报名


Keynote Speaker: David J. Silva, Ph.D. , University of Texas at Arlington

Topic: Investigating the Role of Bias and Prioritization in the Acquisition of Multiple Language Competencies

About Dr. Silva:

David Silva currently serves as the Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs at The University of Texas at Arlington, where he also holds the titles of Professor of Linguistics and Distinguished Teaching Professor. With degrees in linguistics from both Harvard University and Cornell University, he has published research on languages as diverse as Korean, Portuguese, English, and Dinka (Sudan), seeking answers to questions about phonetics, phonology, language variation, and langauge change. He has also been recognized for outstanding teaching, having been inducted into UT Arlington’s Academy of Distinguished Teachers (2006), having been an inaugural winner of The University of Texas Regents’ Outstanding Teaching Award (2009), and having been named as one of only twelve Founding Fellows to the newly-formed UT System Academy of Distinguished Teachers (2013).


Driving Direction & Campus Map/导航与地图请点击以下图片

(Click image to view the map)



  • Parking is free of charge on weekend unless you park at 1) Highland Street Garage 2) Union Circle Garage and 3)Apogee Stadium.
  • 除1) Highland Street Garage 2) Union Circle Garage and 3)Apogee Stadium为收费停车场外,其他停车场地周末均免费(包括Parking meter)。

Lunch/ 午餐:

  • Lunch will be provided free of charge if registration is completed by 11:50pm on September 21st, 2014. Since the meal needs to be pre-ordered, it will not be provided to attendees who register after September 21st or register on-site. We apologize for any inconvenience. Sandwich lunch box selection: ham, beef, turkey and vegetarian.
  • 我们将为9月21日之前完成线上报名的与会者提供免费午餐(三明治套餐)。因午餐需提前预定,我们无法确保为9月21日以后,包括会议当天报名注册的与会者提供午餐。不便之处请谅解。



University of North Texas, Department of World Languages, Literatures and Cultures



Our Supporters:

1. Confucius Institute at Texas A&M University:

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2. Confucius Institute at University of Texas at Dallas:


3. US-China Chamber of Commerce Dallas:



Contact Us/联系我们:

  •  Program Chair: Dr. Neal Liang 梁思彦博士:nealliang@yahoo.com
  • Conference Chair: Ms. Bei CHEN 陈蓓: bei.chen@unt.edu






德州中文教师协会2013 年第七届年会顺利圆满举行

 (年会部分参会者合影, Group Photo of CLTA-TX members)

德州中文教师协会2013年年会于2013年10月5日在德州农工大学Texas A&M顺利举行,获得相当好的效果。这次年会的主题是“拓展课堂,活跃教学”。年会当天从德州各地闻讯而来的有近百位活跃在中文教育园地的老师们。会上,从全美各地请来的经验丰富的中文教育界前辈们给德州的老师们传授经验,畅谈中文教育形势。哈佛大学中文系主任刘力嘉主讲如何从课堂内外训练、鼓励中文学生。多位老师专家们传授活跃中文课堂的秘诀,演示美国5C标准在中文教学中的运用,分析比较当今市面热门中文教材,畅谈中国文化在中文教学中的运用,并为大家带来关于教师资格证书的最新信息。为时一天的年会,给德州的老师们带来了中文教育方面的丰富知识与及时信息。


(从左起:德州中文教师协会会长庞嘉瑶,孔子学院院长Kelly Kleinkort, 德州农工大学环球项目主管Randolph Kluver, 协会理事陈蓓,德州中文教师协会下任会长梁思彦,孔子学院中方院长邓红风)

(From left: President of CLTA-Tx Jiayao PANG, Director of Confucius Institute Kelly KLEINKORT,Executive director of Global Partnerships & Projects Randolph KLUVER,CLTA-TX board member Bei CHEN, President-Elect of CLTA-TX Neal LIANG, Director of Confucius Institute Hongfeng DENG)


(从左起:孔子学院中方院长邓红风, 德州中文教师协会理事李伟,德州中文教师协会下任会长梁思彦,理事罗雪梅,孔子学院院长Kelly Kleinkort, 德州中文教师协会创始人叶萌,哈佛大学中文系主任刘力嘉,德州中文教师协会会长庞嘉瑶, 理事王芳,陈蓓,前会长麦查理)

(From left: Director of Confucius Institute Hongfeng DENG, CLTA-TX board member Wei LI, President-Elect of CLTA-TX Neal LIANG, CLTA-TX board member Xuemei LUO, Director of Confucius Institute Kelly KLEINKORT,Founder of CLTA-TX Meng YE, Director of Chinese Language Program at Harvard University Jennifer LIU, President of CLTA-TX Jiayao PANG, CLTA-TX board member Fang WANG, Bei CHEN, Former President of CLTA-TX Marshall McArthur)



(与会者参观书展,Book Fair)

这次年会得到了德州农工大学孔子学院的大力支持。孔子学院赞助了场地、午餐和礼品。年会当天德州农工大学Global Program Support主任 Dr. Randy Kluver 致开幕词,鼓励各位中文老师再接再厉,为德州的中文教育发展做出更大的贡献。这次活动也得到了休斯顿总领馆的大力支持赞助。此外,全美中文教师协会,Better Chinese, CSAUS Service Center , 北京语言大学出版社北美分社, 南海书店等单位也给予了本活动有力的支持。

(孔子学院院长Kelly Kleinkort用流利的中文致欢迎辞

Welcome speech delivered by Director of Confucius Institute Kelly KLEINKORT)

德州中文教师协会成立近10年来,致力于德州蒸蒸日上的中文教育。协会每年在德州不同城市举办年会,从全美各地邀请活跃在中文教育园地的专家举办有关中文教学的讲座,造福于在中文教育道路上辛勤探索的中文老师。今年是德州中文教师协会有史以来第二次在德州农工大学举办年会。协会不仅给老师们每年举办大型年会和各种培训活动; 发行有关专业和信息方面的年 刊; 每年为老师建立和颁发基金;资助地方举办中小型培训活动;并及时给会员发送来自全美各地工作招聘的信息; 让会员全面了解德州中文教育的行情。该协会为德州的中文教育起了积极推动的作用。

 (与会者凝神细听, members attending the workshops)

Become a member of CLTA-Texas (individual member fee $20), participate in workshops and training for one year free; benefit from a resourceful network for Chinese language teachers, and enjoy information on professional development and cultural awareness.


(会费: 个人$2010人以下学校$5020人以下$10030人以下$15030人以上$200)





The Chinese Studies Program at University of Houston will offer a graduate course in a teacher training program, July 8-19, 2013

Thanks to the STARTALK grant, the National Security Language Initiative, the Chinese Studies Program at the University of Houston will offer a graduate course (CHNS 6398: Issues in Teaching Chinese as a Second Language) in the “Startalk Texas Teacher Program at the University of Houston” for the second time. The grant will cover instruction, tuition, fees, and learning materials for teachers of Chinese in community colleges, K-12, and heritage schools. The program will take place on July 8-19, and two follow-up sessions.

Through presentations, observations, hands-on activities, and collaborative learning, participants construct their knowledge in a learner-centered environment, and develop their capacity to become master teachers. Participants will

1) conceptualize the National Standards; apply the standards to theme/content-based curriculum design and learner-centered instruction,

2) study SLA theories via examination of critical issues such as learning processes, comprehensible input, interactive learning, and task-based instruction,

3) discuss Chinese vocabulary instruction: from theories to methodology,

4) examine Pedagogical Grammar in the areas of tones, sentence structures, pragmatics, and culture,

5) apply the theories of Backward Design to CFL curriculum and micro-teaching,

6) learn techniques for differentiated instruction to accommodate different needs of learners, and

7) conduct performance-based assessments with a focus on “what students can do with language” rather than “what they know about language.”

Only 20 seats are available. Please submit the online application ASAP or by 4/1/2013.


Applicants should include a one-page essay in English that describes:

1) What you hope to achieve by participating in the program.

2) What project you plan to develop to share with other teachers. The projects may include a standards-based curriculum design with theme-based units, daily lesson plans, curriculum materials tailored to their own students, or a course syllabus with instructional and assessment samples.




2013年7月8 – 19日開設研究生課程培訓中文教師

今年休斯頓大學中文專業(The Chinese Studies Program, UH)再次喜獲聯邦政府的星談基金STARTALK。星談基金是國家安全語言策略的一個重要項目。休大的項目專門給學員開設研究生課程(CHNS 6398: Issues in Teaching Chinese as a Second Language), 培訓在职中文教師。完成課程和培訓項目的學員將獲得休大研究生課的三個學分及学业证书。上課時間為2013年 7 月8日至19日,另加10月12日和11月2日兩天的后續課程。地址是休士頓大學主校園。不住在大休士頓大地區的學員可住校,項目提供住房補助。

培訓項目提供的獎學金涵蓋在休大學習的各種費用和學費。申請者必須具有大學學歷,目前在社區大學、K-12、或中文學校任教。名額有限(20人), 請速申請。請下載報名表:填好后Email給休大教師。

培訓項目協調主任張京老師jzhang5@uh.edu ,申請截止日期:2013年四月一日。


Photos of the CLTA-TX 2012 Conference in Houston:


德州中文教师协会2012 年第六届年会顺利举行,圆满成功!

        德州中文教师协会2012年年会于2012年10月21日在休斯顿奥迪国际学校顺利举行,获得相当好的效果。年会当天从德州各地闻讯而来的有100多位活跃在中文教育园地的老师们。会上,从全美各地请来的经验丰富的中文教育界前辈们给德州的老师们传授经验,畅谈中文教育形势,教授小学生学习中文的技巧方法,演示多媒体的中文课堂,中文教学的技巧ˎ 方法与资源,分享语言学习与游戏活动相结合的中文课堂,美国高中的AP中文教育形式及教学技巧等等,给德州的老师们带来了中文教育方面的春风。

这次年会得到了休斯奥迪国际学校(The Awty International School)的大力支持。学校赞助了场地,设备和礼品。年会当天奥迪国际学校的校长郭林同博士 (Dr. Steve Codrington) 在会上对德州的中文老师们表示了敬佩,并鼓励各位中文老师为德州的中文教育发展做出更大的贡献。这次活动也得到了休斯顿总领馆的支持,教育组的徐白羽领事代表领馆参加了活动,给予精神和经济方面的大力支持。当天的午餐是由奥迪学校Sage Catering名厨Tim精心炮制的法国大餐。

德州中文教师协会成立近10年来,致力于德州蒸蒸日上的中文教育。协会每年在德州不同城市举办年会,从全美各地邀请活跃在中文教育园地的专家举办有关中文教学的讲座,造福于在中文教育道路上辛勤探索的中文老师。今年是德州中文教师协会有史以来第二次在休斯顿举办年会。协会不仅给老师们每年举办大型年会和各种培训活动; 发行有关专业和信息方面的季刊; 每年为老师建立和颁发基金;并及时给会员发送来自全美各地工作招聘的信息; 让会员全面了解德州中文教育的行情。该协会为德州的中文教育起了积极推动的作用。



Summer Newsletter

Please find our most recent newsletter by clicking the “Newsletters” tab above. We are also in the planning stages for our upcoming annual conference which will be held on October at Awty International School in Houston. Conference details will be announced soon.





STARTTALK Texas Teacher Program

Please know that the Chinese Studies Program of the University of Houston will be conducting The STARTALK Texas Teacher Program beginning in July. The program is free to qualified participants. Deadline for admission is April 3, 2012. Please see the link below for details of the program and how to apply.


New Year / Newsletter / Dues / Videos 

Thank you for visiting CLTA-TX.  Welcome to the end of 2011, and to the beginning of a New Year. We are have just issued our Fall-Winter newsletter, which you may find by clicking on the “Newsletter” tab above. Also, as we approach 2012, it is time for current members to pay dues. You may find information on how to pay dues below or by clicking on the “membership” tab above. (For those of you who joined CLTA-TX in or after August as a new member, your membership is valid through 12/31/2012 and you don’t need to renew it).

Finally, the two videos. The first one shows Dr. Eric Shepherd performing Shangdong Kuaishu at the Dallas conference in August. If you attended the conference, you may see yourself in the audience. The second video shows board member and newsletter editor Meng Lelan practicing Wushu. This video will give you an idea of her talent, and also remind you to be friendly with her if you bump into her. If you like you may leave a comment, although your comments will not necessarily appear on the site.

Dues: The individual membership due is $20/year, and institutional memberships are $50/year if your school has fewer than 10 teachers. Please make your check payable to CLTA-TX and send the check to PO Box 311324, Houston, TX 77231. Please make sure to include following information when you send the check: your English name, Chinese name, email address, phone number and where do you work. For more membership details please see the “membership” tab.

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