2018 CLTA-TEXAS Teacher Grants (Call for Proposals)

2018 CLTA-TX Teacher Grants

Call for Proposals

Purpose: CLTA-TX Teacher Grants support professional development for K-16 teachers to improve classroom instruction and student participation.

Eligibility: Current Chinese language teachers that have formally affiliated with CLTA-TX are eligible to apply (membership fee paid by 3/2/18).

Amount: The grant amount is up to US$400 for the proposal you submitted.

Deadlines: Applications may be submitted by March 17, 2018, 11:59pm.  Awardees will be notified by March 31, 2018.

Application Guidelines: Submit a proposal of approximately 300 words (in English and/or Chinese) including the following:

1.     Introduction of yourself (including current employment and a short essay describing how the proposed professional development will benefit you personally and professionally).

2.     A detail description of the professional development workshop/conference that you are attending.

3.     An explanation of the need for attending the professional development workshop/conference.

4.     Expected outcomes (what do you want to learn/gain from the professional development workshop/conference and the potential impact to the community you will bring back from the professional development workshop/conference, etc.).

5.     Any prior experience being the lecturer of any professional development workshops/conferences.

6.     A line-item budget for the proposed professional development workshop/conference.


The awarded teacher should ­complete the proposed professional development workshop/conference by December 31th, 2018, and submit a required activity report with evidence (such as application form of the professional development workshop/conference you apply, the handout of the professional development workshop/conference you attend, the airline ticket of the professional development workshop/conference you are going, etc.) within one month after the proposed activities are concluded.


Need to report/give a presentation at the following year’s CLTA-Texas Annual Conference as part of the obligation/responsibility as the winner. Topic has to be about the workshop/conference that you

attended, and what you have learned from the workshop, etc.

Please email the proposal to Ardon Chang at andress6628@yahoo.com with the subject heading “CLTA-TX Teacher Grants” by  March 17, 2018.

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