General Information

The Chinese Language Teachers Association of Texas (CLTA – TEXAS) is a non-political, non-profit educational and professional organization to promote teaching and learning of the Chinese language in Texas.

CLTA-TEXAS was founded in 2007 to promote Chinese language learning and teaching in Texas. It is a regional chapter of the national Chinese Language Teachers Association.

The property and affairs of the CLTA-TEXAS are managed by the Board of Directors elected by the whole membership through the mail ballot. Directors serve for two years without compensation. The CLTA-TEXAS should hold an annual member meeting at a time and place to be determined by the Board of Directors.

CLTA-TEXAS holds the annual conference and various workshops in different city focusing on various themes.

CLTA-TEXAS provides the following benefits and services to its members:

  1. Professional development opportunities such as the annual conference and various workshops on professional development and cultural awareness
  2. Biyearly newsletter
  3. Award and grand for Chinese language teachers
  4. Resourceful network for members
  5. Updated information from the job market
  6. News about teaching and learning the Chinese language in Texas

Any person or institution that subscribes to the goals of the CLTA-TEXAS, and pays the appropriate dues may be admitted to Membership.